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this is a place for my notes on tech, apps, note-taking, organizing, productivity, journaling etc… My other stuff is at

The first podcast I ever attempted to make was a music podcast. It was seven or eight years ago and my life at the time was completely centered around music. I was reading magazines, and blogs, and buying books like “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” and “Fear of Music: The 261 Greatest Albums Since Punk and Disco.” I was discovering the obscure artists that obscure artists listen to. I would go to parties with pre-made music mixes in my pocket; mixes I had spent days putting together. When I look back now, I guess I really wanted…

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I’m also not sure I understand all the constant complaining about Siri on @atpfm.

It’s something that I literally spend no time thinking about. Does anyone actually give a shit about voice assistants?

Voice assistants are an interim solution. They aren’t the future of controlling devices. Too many privacy problems. And I don’t mean audio in the cloud. I mean nobody is going to announce to everyone around them what they’re doing on their devices.

Smart phone computing has become successful because of discretion. There’s something incredibly appealing about not having a big screen showing everyone around you what you’re…

I won’t say that I don’t waste time (I waste plenty,) but where does the day go? It feels like I only notice the day once it goes dark. I distrust the clocks.

In the past year HBO ended two of its most successful shows, Games of Thrones & Silicon Valley. Neither of these endings were very well received. But endings are rarely the problem, usually the issue arises much sooner, and in the case of these two shows I think the issues were issues of lost identity rather than issues of conclusion.

The ending of Silicon Valley was disappointing because the show had become tedious and disappointing for several seasons. The writers seemed to forget what kind of show they were making. A comedy satirizing the tech industry became far too close…

Sometimes life tosses you a hand-grenade and, if you’re lucky, it fragments and shreds all of the paper mâché you’ve propped up as walls.

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I take a long walk every day (it’s one of the newest pleasures I’ve discovered about being self-employed.) I walk without headphones — just me, the dog, and the world around me. And I carry a small notebook in my pocket for all the little things that might swirl around in my head while I meander through suburban neighborhoods. It’s great idea generator. Mostly though, I walk to let my mind drift. I walk to find…

When I find myself in an anxious, depressed, or difficult time of life, I pull out these questions every day and answer them. Something about the process steers me back to center.

What are three moments that you remember from the day?

They can be big events or tiny moments. Which stick out? Pick three moments that you can actually remember being present it.

What was your focus/preoccupation?

Sometimes we are doing one thing but thinking of another. Where was your head most of the day?

What worked in your favor?

What one thing did you do or use today that made today better? Could be anything from alarm clock to a meditation technique.

What did not work in your favor?

What impeded you from having…

Comparison is terribly misunderstood. Some say’s it’s good because it breeds competition. Other says it’s bad because it screws up your self-image. I think both of these groups are wrong.

Comparison is natural and it’s also completely neutral. The dangers and benefits of comparison are in the scale not in the comparison itself.

For example, many podcasters compare themselves to big podcasters like Joe Rogan. “Why can’t I be like him?” But that’s like loafing in your living room saying “Why am I not on top of Mt. Everest?” “Because your ass is on a couch and not on a…

I’ve spent the last week watching mostly 80’s films, Christmas films and general kids level fluff. And I’ve enjoyed the shit out of it. I think I’ve finally found a way to mute the creator mind and just watch something passively.

I like that these films are what they are. They have low goals, and I can give the inner critic the night off. It’s too easy to look for flaws in good films or films that should be good, but a movie like Fletch is somehow free from that. It’s just Chevy Chase waking the line between charming and…

How We Use Time To Avoid the Truth of What We Value

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The question of Time continually rears it’s head. I did two episodes of Creative Minds on Time this season and I know it’s only a scratch or two on a very rough exterior. Time is an obstacle for us all. How do we find enough? How do we manage what we have? Why does it go so fast? But Time isn’t always the issue. The real question is not how do we arrange our time, but rather what do we value?

Do you watch four hours of TV and then tell yourself that you don’t have the time to read…

What’s the rush?

Everything I do takes longer than I expect it to. I sit down to do a few edits on a podcast, an hour goes by. I decide to make a short little video clip for Instagram, 2 hours go by. I go to edit a vlog for YouTube and I lose 4 hours. The next thing I know, it’s 10pm and I’m sitting down to write something on Medium, which of course, “will only take a few minutes.”

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I start getting anxoius on nights like this, always feeling behind; like I’m going to run out of time. My jaw gets…

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