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I won’t say that I don’t waste time (I waste plenty,) but where does the day go? It feels like I only notice the day once it goes dark. I distrust the clocks.

When I find myself in an anxious, depressed, or difficult time of life, I pull out these questions every day and answer them. Something about the process steers me back to center.

What are three moments that you remember from the day?

They can be big events or tiny moments. Which stick out? …

Comparison is terribly misunderstood. Some say’s it’s good because it breeds competition. Other says it’s bad because it screws up your self-image. I think both of these groups are wrong.

Comparison is natural and it’s also completely neutral. …

I’ve spent the last week watching mostly 80’s films, Christmas films and general kid-level fluff. And I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it. I think I’ve finally found a way to mute the creator mind and just watch something passively.

I like what these films are. They have low goals…

What’s the rush?

Everything I do takes longer than I expect it to. I sit down to do a few edits on a podcast, an hour goes by. I decide to make a short little video clip for Instagram, 2 hours go by. I go to edit a vlog for YouTube and I…

C. A. Hall

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